Motostrology - Taurus


Being outdoors riding through beautiful scenery that they can experience with all of their senses will certainly appeal to Taurus. They love the sensation of the wind in their hair and the scent of salt water on a seaside cruise! High on the Taurus rider’s priority list are comfort, reliability and security.


Taurus will be most at ease with a dependable bike, optimal riding conditions, their tool-pack and gear ready to go, and their insurance coverage in order. Hard-working and ultra-responsible, Taurus will not stray from their routine bike maintenance schedule and will always have enough gas in the tank and funds in the bank for their two-wheeled fun. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of money, beauty, and luxury. Not only will Taurus have a bike that’s trustworthy and built for comfort, but it will also be very pleasing to the eye. Nothing too flashy or loud,


Taurus will likely opt for a soothing, quieter rumble and a clean, classy look. That includes the rider herself - while Taurus is out enjoying the open road, they’re going to look good doing it and show their classic sense of style!


Taurus is a fixed sign which means they are very set in their ways. They enjoy routine more than surprises and can be creatures of habit. They don’t mind riding the same route repeatedly as part of their cherished moto-ritual. While they will embark on moto-adventures occasionally, these will be well-planned and prepped to accommodate Taurus’ risk-averse personality.


Taurus is also known for their highly independent personality. They’re not big on asking for help. You can find them working on their own bike, following step-by-step YouTube videos, and figuring things out for themselves. They may need to be reminded that it’s okay to accept a helping hand here and there! And don’t expect to swap bikes with your Taurus friend for kicks. What’s theirs is theirs, end of story – they’ll be protective and possessive of their beloved machine.


Above all, Taurus values the perfectly simple pleasures of life. At their best, Taurus knows how to slow down, smell the roses, and revel in the groove of a winding road through nature’s glory. Take heed…our beloved Taureans are here to show us how to absolutely savor a life well-lived and a road well-travelled.


If Taurus is either your Sun or Rising sign, or you have another significant source of Taurus energy in your chart, then you can relate to these characteristics. To understand more about how Taurus energy shows up in your unique astrological birth chart, find me on Instagram: @cristinadoloresastrology


This Month:

The Full Moon on April 26 is activating your relationship zone Taurus! Around this date, you may have a radical realization about the direction of a relationship or partnership, be it love or business oriented. This could mean you decide to either get serious or ride off into the sunset alone. If you choose to go Nomad, honour this Full Moon by making a special commitment to your relationship with yourself.


Taurus and Love:

Looking for love on two wheels this spring? Astrology will help you find your perfect moto-lovin’ match! If you have strong Taurus energy in your chart, or you have your sights set on a Taurus, check out the combos below to see who can get your engine revving!


Easy Riders:

Taurus and Cancer –These two domestic creatures of comfort are in it for the long haul. They both prioritize stability in relationship and are reciprocally attentive, caring, and protectiveof their partner.


Taurus and Virgo – These earth signs share similar practical values. They are both stable and grounded with a great appreciation for responsibility. They can meet the other’s high standards and have an innate understanding.


Taurus and Scorpio – The physical spark between Taurus’ sensuality and Scorpio’s intense sexuality can outweigh certainchallenges. Both have a jealous streak, but this is remedied by their equally deep devotion. They relate well on their serious attitudes towards money.


Taurus and Capricorn – They both put a high priority onreliability. Each is down-to-earth, responsible and respects the other’s conservative tendencies.


Taurus and Pisces – These two are all about the romance! They are very comfortable together, enjoying a chill pace and calm energy. Pisces soft-hearted persona will please the affectionate Taurus. Taurus offers stability which can help the uncertain Pisces.


Bumpy Road:

Taurus and Aries – They share a strong sense of independence, but Taurus takes it slow while Aries is always in a rush. Taurus appreciates subtlety and Aries is anything but that! It may be too difficult to find a happy medium for these signs living at opposite ends of the speed spectrum.


Taurus and Gemini – Gemini can get bored easily with Taurus’ desire for routine and planning. This match can crash and burn if the extroverted Gemini feels its need for spontaneous and exciting experiences is not met.


Taurus and Sagittarius – Taurus is not a big fan of change, but the only thing constant in a Sagittarius’ world is change! When Sagittarius acts on their overriding need for space and freedom, it can cause Taurus to feel unsettled and even jealous.


Taurus and Aquarius – Aquarius is progressive and unpredictable while Taurus is more conventional and cautious. Taurus needs steadfast commitment and proven loyalty. Aquarius is free-spirited and will define commitment loosely and non-traditionally. Aquarius can feel restricted here, while Taurus can experience insecurity.


Sharp Curves Ahead:

Taurus and Taurus – There is familiarity and safety between these zodiac twins. But while they understand each other well, two steady-eddie Taureans might never try anything new and risk becoming stagnant together.


Taurus and Leo – They appreciate the other’s loyalty but both signs are known for being highly stubborn. Taurus is subdued and kicks back while Leo wants to get out and be seen. A lot of flexibility and compromise is required to make it work.


Taurus and Libra – Both ruled by Venus, they connect through alove of beauty and romance. While these signs will endeavour to please their partner, Libra’s naturally flirtatious ways can causemajor problems for the possessive Taurus.


To get a complete picture of how two people will fare together on the road of life, it’s best to compare their entire charts. Even the most unlikely couples can find bliss with awareness and effort. The fantastic thing about relationship astrology (‘synastry’) is that it guides us in overcoming challenges while we capitalize on the most compatible aspects of our astro-profiles.