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Welcome to Pisces season and happy birthday to all the Pisceans! Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, and the wisest sign of all some say. If you measure wisdom in compassion and connection with all beings - human, animal, ethereal - then this is very true!


Pisces is drawn to spiritual experiences, and riding can be one of these experiences for them. Like cruising through the enchanted redwood forest, dipping your bike around curve after curve…you, your ride, and the road becoming One! This is Heaven on Earth when ultra-sensitive Pisces needs to escape the harsher realities of life.


Pisces is an inherently easygoing sidekick on the road, always flexible in their ever-changing direction, they will ditch the plan and the GPS and let their gut instincts guide them. Go with the flow says Pisces, and so what if we get lost? That would be nothing new for this sign that is known for getting lost in their own fantasyland. Pisces is a sign rich in imagination and intuition, as well as endless emotional sensitivity, caring for all humankind, hopeless romanticism, creativity, and spiritual transcendence.


Life is but a dream for Pisces. I say, Dream On! You truly make the world a more peaceful, loving place with your tender hearts and strong faith in the good of humankind. We all need your guidance to rise above and remind us that there is more to this world than what we can see and touch.


Here’s all the facts on this hard-to-grasp sign of the slipperyFish…


BORN: February 19 to March 20


RULING PLANET: Neptune (modern), Jupiter (traditional)




MODE: Mutable


SYMBOL: Two fish swimming in opposite directions – representing the duality of Pisces, they are human, but not entirely of this world.


BIRTHSTONE: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Amethyst


POWER COLOR: Light Green


PISCES SUPERPOWER: Talking to the dead.  




PISCES STRENGTHS: adaptable, patient, gentle, forgiving,hopeful, charitable, intuitive (if not full-blown psychic), extremely creative, romantic, artistically inclined, dreamers and idealists at heart, energetically sensitive to all around them, can connect easily with anyone in social settings, can communicate with spirits and animals, mystical healing powers, optimistic, and see endless possibilities with their vivid imaginations.


PISCES (POTENTIAL) WEAKNESSES: indecisive, overly impressionable, lacking resolve and self-confidence, unhealthy escapism, weak boundaries in relationships, may put up with too much crap, can get overwhelmed by absorbing the energies of those around them, may not see reality clearly meaning they get fooled easily, lacks focus, can be flakey, can’t stand conflict or rejection (they truly believe in the fairy tale, bless them!).


PISCES NECESSITIES: to spend time with animals or have animals of their own, and to balance: A. time spent in the hustle and bustle of the outside world with B. time spent alone in meditation, rest and energy-cleansing, spiritual practice.


PISCES MUST AVOID: mundane reality, life without a creative outlet, self-criticism, irrational fears.


CRYSTAL FOR PISCES: Blue Kyanite to open the throat chakra, speak your truth and reinforce boundaries in relationships.


DREAM JOB: intuitive healer, medium, spiritual guru, poet, musician, matchmaker, dancer, painter, photographer, filmmaker, tattooist, and any job involving animals.


DREAM BIKE: super comfy, not too loud, a place for their furry companion to go with them, artistic details a must, price and reliability are negotiable (Pisces: “what budget?”), Pisces will sprinkle magic stardust on it and off they go!


ULTIMATE RIDING DESTINATION: Being a water sign, Pisces is naturally drawn to any body of water, so a seaside destination is perfect. Ride to Swim is Pisces motto!


BEST GIFTS FOR PISCES: himalayan salt lamp, tarot cards, books on lucid dreaming and astral projection, astrology reading, reiki session, yoga and horseback riding retreat.


INSPIRATIONAL PISCES: Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Chelsea Handler, Erykah Badu, Sharon Stone, Common, Quincy Jones


PISCES IN 2022: With Neptune and Jupiter (Pisces ruling planets) coming together in YOUR sign this year, it can be a time of great spiritual awakening and divinely inspired creativity for our Pisceans!



Mark your calendars! Here are some key astrological events coming  up:


March 2 – New Moon in Pisces

March 5 – Mars and Venus enter Aquarius

March 9 – Mercury enters Pisces

March 18 – Full Moon in Virgo

March 20 – Sun enters Aries


This concludes our year-long tour through the 12 astrological signs! I appreciate all of you who have read and enjoyed learning more about astrology. If you are hooked and want to know more, I can be reached at . From my site, you can download a free starter guide or message me directly for a written intro to your birth chart at no cost!

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Written by -Cristina Dolores Astrology