Happy Birthday Virgos! Virgo season 2021 begins Sunday afternoon when the Sun strides gracefully into this refined Earth sign, where it will stay until September 22nd.


The astro-energies are full throttle this weekend! Not only is the Sun changing signs on August 22nd, but just hours before that we have our 2nd in the powerful pair of 2021 Aquarius Full Moons. This happens early Sunday morning when the Sun is just about to leave Leo and the Moon is opposite it in Aquarius. The first Full Moon in Aquarius was July 23rd, so you may notice some similar themes, but now you have another chance to perfect your Full Moon rituals and outcomes!


Full Moons are a time of revelations, conclusions, and releasing that which we need to let go of. We have reason to feel very positive about this one as it is blessed by Jupiter, the planet of hope, optimism, and luck! The Full Moon will carry with it an Aquarian energy of innovation, collaboration, freedom from restrictions, authenticity, and radical change for a better future. Whatever revelations we have around our Aquarian hopes and dreams at this Full Moon, the freshsurge of Virgo energy that follows will help us apply a strong work ethic, routines, and a systematic approach to make those dreams come true!


The New Moon in Virgo happens on September 6th, inviting us towards rejuvenation and fresh starts with a Virgonian focus on health, wellness, structure, routine, and self-improvement. In the spirit of Virgo, note these dates in your calendars so you don’t miss any lunar-powered opportunities to boost your affirmations and intentions!


Virgos are the meticulous and proactive planners of the zodiac. They are the ones in charge of arranging the bike trip itinerary, scheduling activities, itemizing essentials to pack, and anything else that involves a list they can cross off! Efficiency and details are Virgos strong suit. They bring order to chaos, and make sure that everyone is safe, well-prepared, and on schedule. While they can come across as uptight or judgmental to their more carefree and spontaneous friends, they maintain their high standards with the best of intentions. Virgos find their purpose in being of service to others. Their observant and critical eyes are here to aide us! They strive for continuous improvement, if not perfection, and want to assist others in achieving the same goals. Practicality rules for Virgo, and thus will influence their approach to riding, including their choice of motorcycle and gear. A classic and functional style is preferred, nothing too flashy for discreet and polished Virgo. They lean towards the OCD side on the ‘Clean & Tidy’ scale, so their garage and bike will probably be kept pristine. At the very least, they’ll stick rigidly to their own system for organizing that might only make sense to them. If stressed, detailing their machine is the perfect medicine to calm a Virgo. The more they declutter, organize, and assist others, the better they feel! Our Virgo gals & guys make wonderfully supportive and reliable friends and have much to show us about good judgement and moto-preparedness. But what can we do for our Virgo peeps you ask? Virgos will appreciate us the most when we listen to their sound advice, don’t leave a mess, show love in practical ways, and recognize their intellect and helpfulness.



Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin (traditionally yes, but really it stands for purity, and therefore the most refined high standards…don’t fret Virgos, we know your sensual and sexual nature is in no way lacking!)

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

Power Color: Brown or Green (to connect with Earth element, growth, and grounding)

Virgos Superpower: Healing Others

Virgo’s Motto: Quality Over Quantity

Little Known Fact: They are animal lovers! Virgo is the zodiac sign that rules the 6th House which includes small animals and pets.  

Key Strengths: Discerning, hard-working, detail-oriented, analytical, efficient, well-prepared, thoughtful, loyal, caring, helpful, great instructors/healers/caregivers, resourceful, practical, and most often health-conscious with an interest in alternative medicine and nutrition/diet.  

Biggest Obstacles: Overly critical, perfectionist to a fault, way too hard on themselves, neglect downtime and self-care, nitpick others, only value ‘their way’, worry-warts, internalized stress, over-analyzers, impossible to satisfy.

Virgo’s Lesson: Accepting themselves and others just as they are - perfectly imperfect, enjoying the journey of self-improvement and acknowledging their accomplishments.  


Written by -Cristina Dolores Astrology