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Gemini is front and center for the upcoming month!
If you were born between May 21 and June 20 then Gemini is your Sun sign. Happy solar return to all the Gemini babes!
Geminis, your curiosity is unparalleled. You are true explorers, always seeking new and exciting experiences. Thrilling adventures in the saddle are a dream come true for Gemini!
As we transition from Taurus season and into Gemini season, it brings a whole different vibe. While these two signs share a similarity in their exquisite style (think super-fab Maus Taus wear), Gemini is way more fast-paced both on the road and off. Taurus finds comfort in settling into routines, but Gemini wants no part of a repetitive schedule. Geminis live for encounters with new and unfamiliar destinations and people. They aim to grow their knowledge as well as their network while they’re out chasing brand new horizons.
Gemini’s congenial and flirtatious personality will charm everyone they meet along the way. They have a knack for mixing with any crowd and striking up conversations. Riding for them is just as much about human connection as it is about the exhilaration of the sport. They’ll look to combine socializing with their love of motorcycles, and fill their calendar with meet-ups, rallies, and shows. When they’re off the bike, Geminis will seek opportunities to engage in conversation and absorb all the new moto-facts they can cram in their busy brainsLearning and discovery are what makes a Gemini tick. They can be a wealth of information, which they love to share with others, and if you’re looking for advice, then Geminis make great teachers! Their superior communication skills are both enlightening and enlivening.  
We can always rely on Geminis to amuse and inspire us. They stay on-the-go, mentally and physically, so there’s never a dull moment with our Gemini comrades. Geminis are endlessly entertaining due to their lightning-fast minds, sharp wit, and steady stream of new ideas…whether it be about bike customizations, the latest riding accessories, or who’s who in the cycle world, they have their finger on the pulse. Watch out though! If you can’t keep up with your Gemini pal, they might get bored and speed off in search of more stimulating company. They can change their minds or plans on a dime, but their versatility and enthusiasm are what make them amazing adventure buddies. No matter their age, they’re young at heart! Geminis will make sure you have an absolute blast, and while you might get into a bit of trouble (the good kind), you’re guaranteed to gain a fresh perspective and make unforgettable memories with your Gemini sidekick!




Relationships and the evolution of your approach to relationships are a big theme for you this year Gemini - both in love and business. You are re-evaluating and re-aligning these areas of your life, as astrological events support you in letting go of old relationships or relationship patterns that are no longer serving your highest good. This is such an impactful year for your vitality and self-expression. You’re looking at the bigger picture of life and as we enter Eclipse season it is a time for bold new beginnings. This year you can show the world a whole new you! Mark your calendar for May 26th and June 10th, when we have Eclipses that will be especially significant for you Gemini!




Zodiac Symbol: The Twins, representing duality

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Birthstone: Pearl

Spirit Animal: Deer

Power Colour: Bright yellow

Words to live by: "Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!”

Little Known Fact: Geminis are extremely perceptive.

Common Myth: They can’t be loyal. Wrong! When they meet their intellectual match, they are entirely capable of making a long-term commitment.

Celebrity Gemini Bikers: Angelina Jolie, Alanis Morissette, Jewel



Written by -Cristina Dolores Astrology