Are you Prepared for Doomsday?

Do you worry that any day could be the day? Have you ever considered how you and your loved ones might survive a zombie apocalypse? Does a sense of impending doom keep you up through the night? If this sounds like you, welcome to the "New Normal." In the New Normal, our number one priority is to stay physically and emotionally centered, so that whatever the new day may bring, we come prepared. 

It's important that in this New Normal, we preserve our mental and emotional faculties. Riding your motorcycle consistently is one way to stay connected to yourself during this time. As we take breaks to engage our bodies in a meditative activity, we can begin to take more thoughtful actions rather than respond immediately to fear, tension, or social justice infographics. Given that anxiety levels run high in this world, do not underestimate the power of relaxation or comfort. If you find yourself panicking in objectively safe or escapable environments, take responsibility of your wellbeing, and consider what other tools you can use to calm your survival response. Regardless of age, items like stuffed animals, comforting blankets, or anime-girl pillows can be an enormous help in soothing fear. If you feel embarrassed or protective of these, just knowing that this beloved item is in your bag or car, for example, can help relieve stress.  

Nonetheless, it may ease your mind to go a step further. Many survivalists encourage building a bug-out bag in the case of emergency. Lucky for you, a motorcycle might just be the perfect get away vehicle in the event of traffic-inducing crisis (case in point: every movie starring Keanu Reeves, ever). Whether you might opt for a bike or car, there are a few universal items which may prove vital in the event of your doomsday-getaway. Importantly, these items are just enough in number and capacity to be transportable regardless if you have access to the road. 

In a durable, waterproof pack, a first aid kit is of the utmost priority. This could be a small Altoids can of absolute basics or a more thorough box of essentials, depending on which one matches your tiny little tomb raider outfit best. These items might include bandaids, super glue, burn cream or petroleum jelly, alcohol wipes, and pain medication. Toiletries are also essential. A proper bug-out bag will have enough sanitary items, including TP, for 72 hours of use. (For reference, 72 hours is approximately 3 news cycles.)

Climate is constantly changing in the New Normal. Not to mention that it's impossible to know exactly what season an emergency may arrive. For those who haven't opened the blinds in a while, recall that the four seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and nuclear winter. It is as vital to pack a poncho as it is bandanas and select layer-able clothing pieces, all essential for controlling dryness, sweat, and body temperature. While it may take up the most room, a sleeping bag is doubly essential, and well worth its weight in cans of Chef Boyardee Mini Raviolis. 

You might wish to include a wad of cash and photo copies of one's drivers license, chargers, water-proof matches, mini flashlights and batteries, pen and paper, full water bottles and water purification tablets, fire starters, ready-to-eat foods, and survival gear or tools. However, what you include beyond basics really depends on your personal approach. (And if you don't yet know what kind of person you'd be in a life threatening situation, take this really cool quiz to find out!) Still, we think having an extra can or two of gas on deck isn't a bad idea. 

Most of all, it's critical to remember that while many of us worry about "doomsday," there are folks around the world experiencing life-altering and life-ending crisis in real time. One of the best things we can do to stay grounded during unpredictable times is to use our privileges to contribute to the protection of life in tangible, effective ways. To send funds to those in dire, dire need, consider donating to organizations and communities helping the most vulnerable of Ukrainian refugees. (Such as the following!)

✦ United Help Ukraine

✦ Voices of Children

✦ Sunflower of Peace

✦ @ukraine.Pride : PAYPAL +14152799995

✦ Ukrainian Women's Guard @ukrainianwomens_guard 

✦ Aid thread for African and Caribbean students in Ukraine