Calling all Earthling Bikers: Three Road Trips for UFO Sightings

Nowadays it feels like everyone, their mother, and their government has seen a UFO. Are you still on the fence? Looking for an excuse to ride this weekend? Or are you just wanting to make a cute TikTok of your trip? Whatever your wishes, any one of these routes through California, Nevada, or Arizona are sure to come through with some good ole kitschy fun! So, without further ado, here are the best places in and around California to go hunting for an extraterrestrial sighting! (Or at least snag an insta-worthy photo while you're at it).

The Extraterrestrial Highway 

It should go without saying, but visiting (ahem, trespassing) Area 51 is a bad ideaAccording to Travel Nevada, the closet you could even get to the military base would still keep you a generous 15 miles awayNonetheless, we can't talk about UFO sightings and not mention Nevada state, which has already gone down in history for harboring some of the most coveted UFO sightings of American media. Lucky for us, the Silver State's Route 375 offers the next best thing to a storming of the base. The Extraterrestrial Highway is lined with alien-centered attractions ranging from kitsch to camp. While you could make a round trip in just one day, you'll be sure to snag photos and souvenirs along the way. For the ultimate sighting potential, plan for a two day trip at the least. And keep in mind, this road is truly remote, even if it is a mere three hour stretch between Las Vegas and Tonopah. You'll want to fuel up before turning back around, and plan for cell service that could range anywhere from weak to non-existent at any point in time. 

Joshua Tree, California 

Only a two to three hour ride from San Diego, Joshua Tree National Park encompasses an iconic wedge of the Mojave desert. As the driest of the four United States deserts, Joshua Tree is famous for its haunting, survivalist terrain, which has been backdrop to episodes of the original Star Trek series and the U2 "The Joshua Tree" album cover alike. This national park has also been host to Contact in the Desert, dubbed as the Woodstock of UFO conferences. Its' tall, winding trees pattern the low hills like funky, photosynthesizing aliens. With such an other-worldly look, it's no surprise some of California's most frequent UFO sightings are spotted here. A designated slow-speed, two lane road makes riding through Joshua Tree an accessible way to see the national park while keeping an eye on the skyline for fellow...tourists. Bikers from surrounding cities like LA, San Diego, and Phoenix-are close enough to get away with an overnight trip, that is, if you're brave enough to spend the night!

The Red Rock Scenic Byway, Arizona

Sedona has a near cult following. Beloved for the proclaimed healing properties of its many energy vortices, tourists flock to its valleys, crystals, and rocks for the chance to connect with some good vibes and multidimensional beings. Needless to say, UFO sightings are par for the course, as are UFO sighting tours. Alien-themed attractions like the Red Planet Diner have charm against the glow of Sedona's gorgeous red mountains, so picturesque at sunset they almost look unreal. While the city may be surrounded with canyons and forests, this trip isn't nearly as remote as Joshua Tree. The Red Rock Scenic Byway, or State Route 179, leads you straight through Sedona, and conveniently tapers off into the Cathedral Rock trail, only seven minutes from Sedona proper. For a day trip, you'll have plenty of nearby options for good food, on the road supplies, and souvenirs to bring home!