The Best Holiday Gifts for Moto Aficionados this Cyber Monday!

If you weren't already inundated with holiday sales across every remotely social platform you've got tucked away on your home screen, well, you are now. But we know that actually finding a meaningful and unique present is another story. So we made it simple. Tis' the season to spread cheer, and what better way than to give the gift of (20% off) kick-assery! We don't mean to toot our own horn, but, Maus Taus was born of a bad-bitch vision and seeks to deliver on all counts. Whatever kind of babes you've got in your life, whether that's a best babe (friend) or your "baaaabe," with gifts from our online shop, someone's sure to leave the soiree jolly and bright. 

For stockings, the niece you don't know very well but wears Doc Martens, and holiday reunions over coffee!

The Moto Travel Journal is a softcover notebook fit with just enough goods (like a sweet travel planner) to get the creativity flowing. With soft-touch lamination it works wonderfully as a bed-side journal for dream entries and inspired writing, or to keep doodles and sketches all in one place. 

Classic crowd-pleaser fashions, staples, and accessories

Mix and match the entire Support Your Local Bad Bitch! collection for a guaranteed laugh and "rock-on" over shredded gift wrap. Beyond just looks, we really love how soft and layer-able these tees, hoodies and windbreakers are, making for a pretty timely gift come winter. Plus, you're bound to see it be put to good use by New Years. (And that always feels good.) Shop bad-b tees, hoodies, windbreakers, and more.




The gift they'll be talking about for months to come... and actually using.

Maus Taus' MX Riding Glove doesn't sacrifice style for quality. The classic tattoo flash flare is only made cooler by the lightweight material and protective, streamlined padding. If you know an avid biker who could use a fashion statement every now and then, look no further! Better yet, they won't even have to take their gloves off to text you a picture of these bad boys in action. (Believe me, they won't want to!)