The Best Podcasts for Moto Loving Women

We're all guilty of it, making a reference to the latest podcast we've listened to. So long as we're not quoting Joe Rogan verbatim, I think we haven't steered off the rails completely. These days, it seems like everyone and their mother has an Amazon microphone. (TV does eventually get boring.) If you're looking for something new to listen to, and want to hear more from the lovely women of the Moto world, here are five podcasts for you:


Motowitch Chronicles is an interview based podcast hosted by business owner and motorcyclist Kojii Helnwein. It's an easy (and awarded) listen. Helnwein gives off the impression that she's down to earth, and genuinely interested in making connections with the motorcycling women she interviews, and she only interviews women. Motowitch is truly a chronicle of women's motorcycling history, and memorializes female space in the community. Plus, I just love the podcast's straight to the point, punchy music and attitude. Episodes are generally 20-40 minutes long, so swap out Motowitch Chronicles for an episode of Bob's Burgers every once in a while. You won't be disappointed. 


Relative Unknown is a straightforward concept. Jackee Taylor shares her story as a protected Witness of nearly forty years, uncovering her families complicated past, and we hang on to every word. Her life, and namely, family history, revolves around the dirty deeds of Taylor's relative, a former member and sociopathic addition to the Hell's Angels motorcycle club of the 1970's. Relative Unknown comes from the Peabody Award nominated studio, C13Originals, and reads just like a movie. Lives unfold as interviews are spliced to convey the expanding impact of one person's actions. 


Adventure Rider Radio, The Voice of Moto Travel, is a series of interviews between host Jim and his motorcycling guests, who seem to have taken their bikes just about everywhere. It's nothing less than amazing to hear motorcyclists backtrack their unusually long-winded trips across the world. In Adventure Rider's latest episode, couple Travis and Chantil Gill reflect on rides through Spain and across South Eastern Europe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The guests personal history and the stories of how they evolved into motorcycling fanatics is almost more interesting than the trips themselves.   


Take a listen to the Girl On A Moto podcast if you like a bit more candor, and want a deeper look into the relationships of influential, Moto women. This podcast focuses on individual's life stories and unique qualities, in addition to their riding adventures. It's a more intimate look into the motorcycling world as women experience and navigate it as business owners, bikers, friends, and activists. Topics vary from bike collections and riding challenges to resources for motorcycling actors looking for castings in LA.