A Spring Cleaning Guide: Start Riding Season on a Fresh Note

Each time spring season comes around, I feel a bit surprised. I guess after so many months, I forget how bright flowers are in full bloom, and that the animals have been busy growing nests. Even when we're used to clear, sunny days, the transition into spring and out of winter is a welcome joy. After a particularly tumultuous new year, and with the stress of vaccination efforts, and dreaded tax season, it feels good to see some cheer in the nature around us. I think we too, could use some excitement for the months ahead, and a good old fashioned spring cleaning feels like the right place to start. 

Take your bike in for a full service. 

Like a dropped helmet, the performance of a bike can be compromised by even a minor fall. Though you may not think your motorcycle needs a look at, you won't truly know until you've gotten an expert appraisal. Spring may be the best season for this, since you're likely to start riding more as the days get sunnier, clearer, and longer. And you'll want your bike in great condition for this riding season... Folks are bound to go a little overboard now that we're unmasking! It's good practice to choose a date for a yearly check-in, and stick to it. After any maintenance, you can ride with peace of mind. 

Throw out old rags. 

Spring cleaning always includes a long look at the closet. A clean-out can extend to the rags you clean your bike with, any tattered gear with holes or rips, so-so riding clothes, or giving a second life to old leather. The purpose in throwing out (or donating) the old is to open yourself up to the potential of something new. Depending on what frees up your physical and mental space, you might seriously downsize your biking materials, or simply clean and reorganize the motorcycle-centric spaces in your home. 

Hit the restart button with a new look.

With all your ducks in a row, it's time to really start fresh. We don't have to go crazy here, because thoroughly cleaning your bike can be enough to build excitement for the weeks and months ahead. You might scrub, wash, wax, polish, or even paint! Whatever "new" means to you, feeling energized about the future is the end goal. This could look like investing in gear and clothes for summer riding, or having your helmet customized to sport a bit more flare. 

P.S. Don't forget to celebrate! We suggest a large helping of good music and good vibes to prepare for the hot girl summer you deserve🌷💕