Shopping Motorcycle in Old Ballard, Seattle

Photo by Benjamin Massello on Unsplash

If you're longing for some retail therapy or shopping for this summer's campout, the retail strip of Old Ballard, Seattle, is the perfect online and in-person destination to purchase a wide range of motorcycling essentials and fashion, without ever entering a motorcycle store. 22nd Ave, the street of Ballard Farmers Market, is home to boutiques, thrifts and small businesses that range products like outdoor tools, travel storage, vintage denim, athletic apparel and spiritual goods.  

GOLD DOGS | Apparel & Accessories

Gold Dogs is a vintage wonderland and Seattle classic. Previously an underground, hidden gem in the heart of Fremont, Gold Dogs has become a shopping staple along the Ballard strip. Inventory is abundant in motorcycle essentials like leather jackets, boots, denim, serapes, and key rings, with face masks, bandannas and handkerchiefs that match the look. While I love chatting with the woman of Gold Dogs, their online store is full of timeless rock n roll fashion. 

LUCKY VINTAGE | Vintage Denim 

Lucky Vintage is the most reliable store, both in Ballard and in the U-District, to shop denim apparel. Friends of mine exclusively shop at Lucky when they need a new pair of pants. (They've yet to fail.) If you want jeans that'll last through years worth of motorcycling adventures, your best bet is to visit one of their two storefronts. You can also find army bags, duffels and vintage leather gloves to add a unique touch to your outwear travel collection.

PRISM SEATTLE | Speciality Travel & Personal Goods

The ideal shop for motorcycling babes who are refining their on-the-go aesthetic. Prism Seattle is best for finding speciality versions of your travel essentials. From blankets, fanny packs, storage cases, lighters, grinders, and tupperware, Prism offers fashionable and eclectic versions of your everyday, utilitarian items. You'll also find a lot of unique fashion and home decor, so, if the whole home needs an aesthetic reset, you've found the right place!

SEPTEMBER | Personal & Weather Accessories 

I'd look to September for your personal care products during the sunny season's heat and shine. While there's a lot of cozy apparel and self-care items, they offer a unique collection of beard & shave products, sunglasses, skin care, and leather accessories. They also stock the softest blanket rolls, perfect for summer nights around the campfire or to fit on the back of your bike as you travel. September is also underrated for their crystal collection, if you're into that sort of thing, which seems mostly available in-store.

ASCENT | Outdoor Gear & Hiking

You can stock up on nearly anything REI would offer for hike and camping at Ascent. If you're planning on any day trips, campouts or cookouts over the spring and summer, look for all your basics here. For more than gear, first aid and hygiene, you can also shop outdoor wear basics like flannels and undershirts. Afterward, you can stop by Gold Dogs for fancier versions of essentials. Look online for the entire inventory of outdoor goods or to book a rental for camping clothes or gear.