Shedding Skin: The Full Pink Super Moon

Photo by Shubhangi Srinivasan on Unsplash

Today at 11:33 p.m. EDT, the Full Pink Super Moon will be at peak illumination.

When a full moon coincides with the moons closest approach to Earth along its orbital path, it's considered a Super Moon, as reports. We have four super moons this year, (you may have noticed last month's unusually large luna), and the Pink Moon of April is our second. 

Aside from being at its biggest and brightest, tonight is also a "Pink Moon." Every full moon has been named and re-named by native peoples and settlers across the globe as a way to track the passage of time, seasons and life cycles. The Farmers Almanac keeps lunar names evolved from North American Natives, and April's Pink Moon refers to the herb moss pink, or Wild Ground Phlox, a widespread flower that blooms abundantly at the very start of spring. Tonight marks the rebirth of this flower. As a full moon, it blooms with it. 

How are you called to expand amidst the ruins?

"Someone has to be the first," the flowers tell us. Tonight's moon is about growing where we have not yet seen growth. And not just that, but growing like a weed. In all regions, this moon honors breaking ground, upward movement, and rebirth. Can we grow and let go? Winter took all that could be taken. Now, we only need our own permission to grow beyond ourselves, even as other parts of us decay, grieve, and rest. 

Whatever events have occurred for us since fall and winter, spring is always promised. April marks a shift toward optimism, fruition and cheer. Merry Pink Moon!

Pink Super Moon prompts:  

✿ What changes are ready to be made, even if I may not be ready? 

✿ What record is playing on repeat? What story am I waiting to tell? 

✿ Do I expect a certain timeline? What timeline would serve me?  

✿ What "fences" must be built before I move forward? 

✿ What doors are opening without any personal effort?

✿ Am I pushing myself too hard? Could I use more rest and stillness?

✿ How could optimism help me to be more successful? 

✿ In what ways has life recently re-directed me? Am I ready to trust in new possibilities?

The Full Pink Moon is a time to accumulate resources and become ready within so that we can fully accept and adapt to the new growth. Tonight, let the bright night sky inspire you as you relax into the promise of change.