Riding to the Sedona Valley

Sedona, AZ | Chapel of the Holy Cross

In the middle of the Arizona desert, the New Age city of Sedona is surrounded by bright red-rock buttes and canyon walls, pine trees and clover fields. Sedona might be most well-known for its seven vortices, natural landmarks believed to act as energetic hot-springs, drawing flocks of artists, spiritualists, and UFO hunters to the rocky trails surrounding town. 

Last week, we visited two of Sedona's vortex sites. Secret Mountain Tours led us on a two hour escapade, which included a trip to a spiritual park located within the Seven Canyons Golf Club community. On the trail, we experienced the Boynton Canyon-Kachina Sedona Vortex -- known to be the most powerful and mysterious vortex in the region.  

Sedona, AZ | Atop the Airport Mesa Vortex

We visited the Airport Mesa Vortex twice, often noted for its supposed electrifying and uplifting qualities. On our first visit, we took a nice, brief hike from the parking area near the airport. Both the Boynton and Mesa Vortex had incredible views of the famous red rock mesas of Sedona, and although we felt no Earth-shifting energy… we were definitely vibin' high. Could it be the power of the Vortex, or are Sedona's natural landmarks just that beautiful? 🤔

Hiking the Oak Creek Trail

As far as riding motorcycles go... the scenery couldn’t be better. Sedona's downtown area offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and good people watching, but be advised: we recommend booking reservations! Many of the popular eats are reservation-only (and this may be more than a pandemic thing). We had no problem eating at the airport Mesa Grill, though, which I highly recommend! We kicked back, watched planes take off, and eyed the horseshoe pits in the back.

Wild Cacti | Airport View Trail 

In town, several shops offer spiritual services and goodies. While I didn’t have the chance to get my aura photographed, I certainly couldn't leave empty handed. Before heading home, we made sure to pick up some lovely healing crystals. 

Sedona isn’t known for their nightlife, meaning the place effectively becomes a ghost town by 7pm. If you’re looking for some after-dark activities, several companies offer UFO tours. Supposedly, Sedona is a hotbed of UFO activity, and is even rumored to have a portal at the now US government owned Bradshaw Ranch. Whatever the case, riding through this little city sure did transport us to a mystical place in time.