Biking Back to School: Starting the Year Off Right!

This fall, going back to school will be unlike anything we've ever done before. With so much time spent indoors and online these past two years, and with the burgeoning Delta-Variant, attending class in-person may feel incredibly daunting. If you're experiencing anxiety about the coming change, you're not alone! Having to reintegrate into daily routines that are no longer "normal" is a big change for every student, at every age. By leaning on your motorcycle as a resource for mental and physical well being, making this adjustment might go a little smoother. Dare we say, it could even be exciting! To feel confident and prepared in the weeks ahead, keep these tips in mind:

⏰ Beating post-Covid traffic and parking will be a snap by driving your motorcycle to school. It's likely you'll have access to motorcycle accessible parking on campus when you do take your bike. In the search engine of your institutions website, type "motorcycle parking" to determine whether you'll need a parking permit for the fall quarter, and to locate the available spaces on campus maps. If shoveling out the permit isn't jiving with your budget, take a test drive of your commute so you can look around for free parking in the area. (And even though biking will make the drive simpler, still try and leave early for class! Who knows what commuting will be like when everyone and their mother goes back into the office.)

📚 Having a sense of normalcy might be the best and the worst part about returning to school this year. On one end, these changes don't feel normal now, and are guaranteed to take you out of your routine. On the other, a mix of hybrid, online, and in-person classes should hopefully make the shift more manageable and safe. It could be helpful to balance the expectations of your new and your old schedule. If you've gotten used to mid-afternoon naps or walks with the dog, keep integrating that into your routine! Since you'll be biking to campus more often, commit to a scenic route to help quell anxiety on days when you have less energy to get outside. By embracing the positives of a more traditional school year (taking precautions of course) you'll gain more confidence as time goes on!

💖 Self-care during this transition will be a critical part of a successful return to school. Biking to campus could help you catch a few extra Z's at night, the exercise and the sunshine will be good for stress, and you'll feel more confident doing a little bit of what you love each day. Beyond this, motorcycling might just open doors to new relationships or groups you haven't yet met. Especially with the busy schedule of student life, it'll be important to choose yourself throughout the day. If you can help it, don't let life rob you of your "me" time. Whether that means fitting rides into your schedule, taking the time to stretch each night, cuddling with your pet, watching a movie, or buying a new water bottle, little acts of self-love will go a long way in building mental fortitude for a brand new year. We know you've got this in the bag, and you'll want to feel that way too!

And don't forget, have a great first day of school!