Some Monday Morning Poetry

Alas, it's November first! Where does the time go... with cloudier days and Halloween now behind us, it's officially time to get cozy. In fact, what better way to start a Monday than with something inspired. Poetry, journaling, doodles... autumn days are for the imagination. Written by bikers and about bikes: scroll through these selected works alongside your morning au lait. (Better yet, pre-order our new Moto Travel Journal and make it a routine!)

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"Moto Poeta" Frederick Seidel

Written by a man in love with his Ducatis 

"Hells Angels" Julie L. Moore

Short and sweet accounts of a traveling MC 

"Motorcycle Emptiness" Harriet Meguire

And more small form rider poetry 

"Here Now Gone" & "Live for Today" Sorez the Scribe

Poems by outlaw biker Eddi Pliski 

"Thieves" Idris Muntaqim 

A Green Hornet pop-poem 

"Song of the Sausage Creature" Hunter S. Thompson

Something more casual on the speed of cafe racers