Pisces Season Shenanigans

It's the middle of Pisces season... and the deepest of our deep feelings are knocking at the front door. With mercury stationing in the sign of the fish Tuesday the 9th, these bubbles become hiccups. We're like the Owens sisters in Practical Magic, wading in a mysterious bottle of tequila, giggling out secrets, cries, and horrors. Our sense of spirit feels very big now. And the big wide world has suddenly become quite small. Everything is on the table, which means we can finally have some fun.

Why not play with the real world? Doesn't flirtation, inspiration, and intuition sometimes refine logic? Which serious matters are becoming trivial? We are stretching the mind and emotions. Something new, something fun, something risky, is essential!


Practice moving between extremities. Transition from a confident, chest-opening pose, to being like a hiding, shy animal. Hug yourself very tightly, and then totally loosen up. Solve a crossword until you get bored, and then doodle over the comic pages. Take a ride in a wide expanse where you can pick up speed, and then slow it down again. 

Put on a public art performance in secret. Dress in fashion-armor for your zoom meeting, or for a trip to the grocery store. Decorate your handle bars, and ride around your neighborhood with flowers in the saddlebag. Braid your hair and paint your nails at your favorite public beach. Treat your Uber like a carriage. Invite the world inside, and give your inner landscape more sway in earthly matters. 

Let rest take up lots and lots of space. Draw baths like big batches of tea, with herbs, lemon, and honey. Take a nap without an alarm, or lay by a window to day dream unfettered. Plug into your favorite playlist with headphones and dance under low lamp light. Journal on multiple pages of big, unlined paper, and map ideas around on the floor. Bring a blanket into the car on a cold morning. Allow yourself enough room to be wholeheartedly tired and lazy. What's the worst that could happen?

Pisces season ends on the spring solstice, March 20th. With the last of winters waters around us... we hope you enjoy all this richness in deep breaths, and enjoy your motorcycle as not only a machine, but as a performance, an emotional stretch, and sanctuary.