5 Unisex Fragrances for Bikers

Fragrances not only define a space, but act as a memory marker when used repeatedly overtime. The right perfume accompanies your daily travels, yet also begins to shape your experience. I think this is one of the reasons we are attracted to personally chosen fragrances. Perfume, in a way, marks our territory in the places and lives we find special. It's an incredibly social and creative accessory for being no more than a spritz on the wrist and neck... an oddly perfect sentiment for motorcyclists, who connect with themselves and with others by bridging great distances both physical and personal.

An ideal perfume for bikers sophisticates one's natural scent rather than mask it. Varying notes should compliment the building musk of a day's ride lightly, bringing nuance to smells of gasoline, metal, and surrounding elements. These recommended perfumes aren't for covering things up -- Oh no, quite the contrary. We hope the fragrance-inclined biker might use these ideas as a starting point for finding a perfume which acts as a unifying element between every memory and friendship formed on the road.

Molecule 01 by Escentric, $18-85

Molecule "One" was crafted by Escentric with wearer flexibility as upmost priority. The scent of the perfume relies completely on personal chemistry as it mixes with sweat and skin to give an illusion of naturalness that keeps some folk from smelling it on themselves at all -- while turning heads from others. The first time I noticed someone wearing this scent, it stuck in my mind for weeks! It has a stately and simple character that is woody and smooth, blending especially well with those riding in wooded and damp areas, but is truly universal and perhaps one of the best fragrances available for an enhancement of personal smell. You can find Molecule 01 a few different places online, or duped by Oil Perfumery, which is noted for having a slightly more "clean" scent compared to the original.  

Tantrum by Boy Smells, $98

Tantrum is a herb-centric Cologne de Parfum by Boy Smells, a queer owned company that's enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. This particular scent is special for it's introduction of peppercorn, mint, and mate, reminiscent of a bitter, and spicy tea. Balsamic-esc notes and the inclusion of orris (which you'll notice in many famous perfumes) adds a complex toughness as well. Tantrum is classic enough to be worn anywhere, though this perfume has a firm presence that is a great match to the smell of muggy places and rubber, like gas stations, gyms, and the like. 

Forest Lungs by The Nue Co., $95

If there were ever a perfume for nature-lovers, Forest Lungs would be it. This fragrance is actually more like aromatherapy than accessory, and was formulated to have a calming effect when inhaled, but Nue Co. really drives home a complex scent of clean and simple incense that is categorically different from a few dabs of essential oil. Forest Lungs would be best for folks active outdoors, who love to camp, road-trip, or visit national parks. I could see this scent being shaken in the roots of a biker's hair before leaving the tent at a weekend long campout. Plus, it'll take you back to that "nature therapy" feeling during days spent on the couch. 


Glossier You Eau de Parfum, $60

For the more traditional nose, Glossier You has a classic floral and woody familiarity. Yet, both the softness and the musk is accentuated in this really interesting combination of cream and spice, a balance leaning more toward freshness rather than sweet or floral. The Parfum may be less ideal for the long-haul rider, and perhaps better fit for someone taking their commutes to work on two wheels, or dwelling in a mid-temp to mostly sunny place. But I wouldn't be deterred if it calls your name! The smell remains light, and doesn't have the fruity or vanilla notes that can curdle in sweat or weather exposure.  

Musky Musk from Dossier, $29

Musky Musk is similar to Glossier You as bother were semi-inspired by Juliette has a Gun's Not a Perfume scent, which wears close to the skin (but at a fraction of the price). This scent however is on the cleaner side, and better fit for mergence with the smell of metal, auto shops, oil, body odor, and days spent working on your bike or in the garage. Relying on the scent of cetalox, the overall fragrance hides as it compliments the musk of sweat, offering some elegance. The true nature of this perfume will blend with your skin and peak after hours of wear, which makes it an overall ideal perfume for any and all biking activities. The more you wear it, the more it will change based on your activity level and environment.