A Protective Motorcycle Cleansing Ritual

Photo by Kumpan Electric on Unsplash

An emotional & energetic fresh start.

Motorcyclists are no stranger to the way energy effects safety. One person's bad attitude can cause a world of trouble, and at the end of the day, the bad vibes aren't worth their weight. This cleansing ritual is especially designed to cleanse and bless the energy around you and your motorcycle. You can perform these steps on a new moon (our next new moon is April 11th) to doubly invoke a new chapter in your motorcycling journey.

Motorcycle Cleansing Ritual:

First cleanse your bike using a surface-safe soap. It doesn't need to be fancy or even antibacterial, just a simple wash with gloves and a microfiber cloth will do. Take this time to thoroughly clean bike and gear. This allows us to honor the health of the body we're in, and the machinery that carries and protects us on the road. 

In a deep bowl, combine roughly three cups of water with the juice of half a lemon, and a helping of fresh mint leaves. You can prepare this the night before, add other (surface-safe) ingredients like new moon water, rosemary, or water safe crystals to charge. (Do not use essential oils unless you are certain this will not cause damage.)

On all parts of the bike that it is safe to, cleanse the energy of your motorcycle with this mixture, thanking the bike for all the time it has kept you safe, all the wonderful places it has taken you, and all the ways it will continue to protect and transform your life. Speak to it genuinely, saying affirmations like, "I love how supportive you are, thank you," or, "I am so grateful that I can trust you to keep me safe." 

You will need at least one crystal, and either a keychain with a crystal cage or at least one secure space in your bike to keep your crystal. You can opt for multiple crystals and/or many locations, depending on your preference.

Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz are great for protection from and dispelling negative or harmful attention. These might be placed on your bike, keychain, or person. Amethyst and Carnelian should be placed somewhere on the bike or keychain, as amethyst is a confident shield and carnelian helps with confident, protected action. Selenite and Clear Quartz work for clarity, Tigers Eye for focus, Turquoise for evil eye generally (best when worn), and Howlite for nerves. 

Finally, getting comfortable for a simple meditation, picture the perfect vision of you and your bike, riding in a clear expanse. Whatever that perfect ride looks like to you, imagine all the details of how safe, well and full hearted you are. Picture bright light coming from any sensitive areas of your bike, gear or body, invoking a sense of deep comfort. When you're ready to conclude the cleansing ritual, say aloud three times, "and so it is."