Bad Bitching Your Mantras

Bad Bitch mantras are born from the bathroom mirror pep talks and take-a-moment cool downs of bad bitches from across the globe. These are the words we say to ourselves when we're really honest and in the moment about how capable and worthy we truly are. Instead of grounding to one mantra all day long, you're bad-bitching your normal thoughts for maximum output. And anyone can do it.

👑 Anyone can be a bad bitch. If you're motorcycling and you're not a cis-man, then congrats, you're a bad bitch.

When you stay true to you regardless of what others say you're capable or incapable of, you re-write the rules based on what is possible, and what is worth your while, on your own terms. Bad bitch is a state of mind, man. 

Thank you Universe* for my fat ass and resting bitch face, may it guide me through my day as I secure my bag. Amen. 

*or whatever you pray to

The trick is to use something that you already believe to create a new and more empowering perspective. You can also remind yourself of your priorities by speaking positive reminders, such as "Fuck it," or:

✨ My inner voice speaks to me and no one else

⚡️ I get high off my own supply

🌟 Mine is the only road worth riding

💫 I do no harm and take no shit

🔥 Fuck em' if they don't get the joke

☀️ I'm busy being my own god damn miracle 

💥 I am one powerful motherfucker

🏆 What's meant for me won't miss me

(and the haters won't see it coming) 

⭐️ I'm taking a chance on my own damn self

If you want to create your own bad bitch affirmations, just let it come naturally. Think of the things you appreciate about yourself, like the way your butt looks in mom jeans, or how good of a dog parent you are, then look in the mirror and say, "Bitch, Spots loves you so much? And your ass looks so fucking good in Levi's 95s, who do you even think you are? Damn right you can nail this interview!"

And then you're free. You've just bad-bitched your perspective.