Partying in Cali's Sierras at Kernville Kampout, 2021

Photo courtesy of Anna Hatlin

Every October, the good folks at Biltwell Inc. host a weekend-long biking "funfest," between Southern California's beloved Sequoia national park and Death Valley. From the 1st to the 3rd, motorcyclists parked, unpacked, and hitched tents on Kernville's Frandy Campground, a beautiful site sitting on the outskirts of Kern River. Sure enough, the scenery (and the rides) are stunningThis past weekend was a little smokey due to nearby fires, which forced road closures and kept bikers from enjoying some epic riding destinations). But that didn't keep Kernville Kampers from a good time... 

Photo courtesy of Anna Hatlin 

The Kernville Kampout is basically a big co-ed party. Days n' nights are spent "boozing, snoozing, cruising, camping," according to Biltwell themselves. Some partied a little too hard, letting everyone know about their bad trip (eh-hem, trip 🍄) in the wee hours of the morning. (Inside sources have confirmed that she has made a full recovery). 

Photos courtesy of Anna Hatlin

A lot of people rode to the nearby hot springs and Kern River for a day spent soaking and relaxing in the sun. Back at camp, good vibes persisted all weekend long. Folks joined in for joint rolling and luke warm Spaghetti-O eating contests, games of Tug-O-War, and arm wrestling. Tattoo booths were slammed all weekend, as was the annual Bike Show and contest. The Rhyolite Sound and The Appletons gave the last hoorah on Saturday night, before bikers packed up camp Sunday morning. 

Don't miss out on the rides, camping, free booze, and good times at next October's Kampout by following the Biltwell page for all the news and updates you'll need on upcoming events! We hope to see you there next year 🤟