13 Icon-Core Costume Ideas for Halloween, 2021

Unfortunately for everyone living through it, 2021 could not be a better year for costumes. What binge watching Squid Game and Ted Lasso (not including the SNL monologue, which cured all seasonal depression everywhere) can't do for these final two months of hell, Halloween can make up for in one night of satire, camp, and sexual tension. 

This years reality-escapes centered around everything from classic horror motifs to the iron grip MET Gala looks have on the potential for civil unrest in every major U.S. city. To enjoy your night off from reality, costume the icons of new and old with any of these thirteen ideas, using biker wardrobe basics!

🕷️ The FBI agent watching you through your phone camera

What you'll wear: DIY'd intelligence cap, aviators, blue jacket with yellow duct tape lettering, slacks and dress shoes

Guaranteed conversation starter, but, make it minimal effort... Bonus points if you loop surveillance footage on your phone's lock screen all night, carry a coffee mug, and exaggerate some eye bags. It's thankless work, but someone's gotta do it.

🕷️ Elvira

What you'll wear: long v-neck dress, a black knowledge pump updo, black tights and a dark red lip

A lesbian icon and Hollywood legend. The potential for a couples costume here with Elvira's personal trainer and committed partner, Teresa Wierson, is strong. (Would need: long red hair and matching but understated black monochrome fit)

🕷️ Betty Boop (aka Esther Jones)

What you'll wear: short body con dress and low heels, red lip, white waterline eyeliner, and cartoonishly drawn brows

Sexy and classy could not do it better than with a successful Betty Boop costume. Quick drug store finds like long falsies for the lower lids and hoop earrings can tie the look together on a budget! 

🕷️ Eddie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Hot Patootie

What you'll wear: a sleeveless leather or denim jacket, cheetah print scarf, ascot or undershirt, black tee, blue jeans, and a whole lotta attitude. 

Any Rocky Horror character is a winning look, but Eddie couldn't be a better fit for a simple and quick motorcycle-centric costume. Drive it home with rock n roll pins, ironically accessorized shed tools, dark slicked back hair, and some arm candy (duo costume!)

🕷️ Cruella de Vil (2021)

What you'll wear: deck out your motorcycle helmet, a half section of white hair spray, some hot pants and a tight leather jacket. 

Old or new school...Cruella is fierce. For the Emma Stone rendition, mix and match your most form fitting, steam punk clothes with chains, jewels and heels. 

🕷️ Tom of Finland 

What you'll wear: tight blue denim or leather jeans, leather jacket, cap and a white shirt, two sizes too small.

Perfect for an "oh shit, I have nothing to wear" costume that still gives sexy and planned in advance camp. The iconic Marlon Brando leather, blue jeans, and cap ensemble is a quick and dirty classic, but you can still spice things up and opt for the Finland wartime soldier, sea-mate, or park ranger. You could also just be Tom of Finland himself, that fashionable man...

🕷️ The Hermit (or any major arcana tarot card)

What you'll wear: long cloak, walking stick and camping light.  

A long white beard would really pull the look together, though, you may also be mistaken for Gandalf. Do not let this deter you, on Halloween it is a compliment of high regard to be confused with a 24,000 year old man. 

🕷️ Squid Game

What you'll wear: green track suit, white tee shirt, sneakers, and optional blood stains. 

Everyone and their mother wants to dress up as Squid Game characters for Halloween, which means that 1. wear this costume and have another excuse to talk about Squid Game, and 2. you can outshine everyone else with a slightly more original costume, say, as the red light green light robo-doll or a VIP.

🕷️ Tatum Riley

What you'll wear: yellow or green sweater turtle neck, red (adjacent) skirt, white shoes, and a handful of beers

Costumers beware: Tatum Riley, one of the 90's great Scream (1996) queens, necessitates a complimenting TikTok. "Can I play the helpless victim?" 

🕷️ Any of Doja Cats stage outfits

What you'll wear: dealer's choice

We're thinking, the MTV VMA's in particular... Looks range anywhere from broadway flapper dress to quilt-worm, black ball gown and silver wig, or sporting a (likely miniature) chair hat with a horse printed skirt. 

🕷️ Patrick Bateman, American Psycho

What you'll wear: suit and tie, clear trench rain coat, blood splatters and a cigarette. 

What a better time to comment on the present state of class affairs through embodying the one and only Patrick Bateman on one of our most hedonistic holidays?? No but really this is just a cool ass idea. Do steer clear of anyone who says this is their favorite movie, though. 

🕷️ Elaine, The Love Witch

What you'll wear: blue eye shadow, long dark hair, vintage 70s dress and a cat eye. 

Yet another TikTok sensations, Eliane must simply be immortalized via your cellular device if you are to commit to costume-ing a look out of her cult classic fashion sense. (Which should be fairly easy for any die-hard thrifter.)

🕷️ Literally whichever dishonorable 2021 MET Gala look speaks to you personally. 

It's truly winner's choice with this one. If you're somebody who likes to get an emotional reaction out of people, or if you're a Scorpio or Cancer moon, watch tears fall and tempers rise when you walk in as Kim K, MET 21 edition.