The very last Solar Eclipse of the year


Saturday's solar eclipse and new moon moved direct into the spirited sign of Sagittarius on the 4th, yet dipping into the expansive spiritual body comes with as much a sense of play as flighty-feeling anxieties and end of year confusions. There are 100 ways to make one choice, to complete the work day, to finish the year, and start a new one. When possibility persists, even if only within the space of our very minds, Sag just wants us to remember the joy in it all. 

Hiding behind fears and anxieties are now pleasures and rest. In the final accomplishments and un-wrappings of the year, we're being wished, eventually, a January 31st tied up with a honey-golden bow. So don't run away or fetter, dive into the vibes so you can leave them behind in the new year. 

♡ If you're feeling like you didn't do enough this year:

Light a purple candle and meditate on what it is you even give a fuck about in the first place. Move forward from there. 

Take a ride. Take a ride everyday for the entire month. Take a ride when you feel like it, and when you don't. Ride until you're glad you're on the road and then come back when you'll be glad to be home. 

Get a haircut. Better yet, go absolute Sliding Doors and bleach it too. I promise, for better or worse, it always does the trick.

Notice one thing that you love about your behavior everyday. Maybe you quietly step over the cat whenever they're sleeping on the middle of the floor. Perhaps you fill out crosswords, or put clothes back on hangers when they fall in the store, or remember your favorite persons coffee order, or their birthday.

♡ To release anxiety through pent up rage:

Blast Forgiven/Forgotten by Angel Olsen.

Take old recycling or "spring" cleaned jars & glasswares to break in the alley. No harm no foul. 

Wash your hands in a mixture of coarse salt, favorite kitchen herbs, and mint oil or crushed leaves. Bonus points if you soak your hands and/or feet in the mixture. Toss into a great body of water or grass when done. 

Play fight with a cat, or a dog, or any animal that will chase you playfully really. Geese do not work. I repeat, geese do not work.

♡ For all those end of year chores & errands:

Find an accountability buddy to do everything you hate doing with. Post office runs. Insurance renewals. You name it.

Finish what you already have in the works. No, really. What didn't you do this year that already puts a stain on January? 

Best for to-do's at the computer or office: Make a large mug of loose leaf tea and slowly sip on it as you commit to your tasks. When you're close to the end, peer at the bottom of the cup and glean an image from the herbs to divine the progress of your work. 

Name the worst thing on your list. The thing that if you keep putting off will make the whole day feel unproductive. And if you're down to a few equally horrific tasks, choose the grossest, and finally be done with it.

Happy Sag moon!