Menstrual Products for on the go!

We all know period's blow. What's almost worse than a bad cycle is starting one at the least convenient of times, or unprepared. Feeling held hostage by your own bodily functions is enough of a conundrum - when we can help it, that monthly flow shouldn't be preventing us from enjoying our life, or a good ride, either. (*wink wink*)

Menstrual products come in such wide variety it's near dizzying. From cups to sponges, disks and free-bleeding, the options are, theoretically, endless. But on the road, the wrong product can become a downright nuisance. The right one, however, is the difference between a good and a bad day. 

Tried-and-trues like tampons and pads work by absorbing menstrual blood between reasonably quick-changes using cotton, recycled, and natural fibre materials. Products like the well known Diva-Cup are made from medical-grade silicone or rubber and are rinsed or boiled between uses, potentially lasting years. Discreets like THINX can capture a significant amount of bleeding with just a pair of comfy undies. Getting used to any of these can take some time, and might not be your best fit. Between unique bodies and cycles, the particular day of your period, and your personal preferences, we're also managing factors like cost, practicality, discreetness, and convenience.

It can help to start choosing products based the ride you have to wear them for. If you'll be motorcycling most of the morning or have a weekend trip planned, certain period care may be more practical than others. 

INTIMINA offers a compatible version of their beloved starter-cups (a good fit for first time users as well as seasoned veterans). The Lily Cup conveniently folds into itself and can be stored inside the accompanying flat accessory case, no more than a couple inches wide. Clean up requires only some faucet water (or bottled if you're really roughing it). Campers, long distance hikes, and riders might be more inclined to give these a shot!

Period underwear like Thinx are another incredibly convenient option ideal for a mostly hands-off biker. However, underwear and cloth pads eventually need to be cleaned, sooner rather than later. On the one hand, period underwear can be worn for up to 12 hours... nothing really beats that. However, reusable pads shouldn't be worn for more than four hours per use, and the pad-like feeling may be a major turn-off to some. 

OB Tampons as well as other organic and applicator free tampons can be a good middle way for semi-regularly changed, easily transportable period care. With a low-waste tampon, less trash is made or dealt with in the process, and you're getting leak-free protection with much more room in your bag. When all is said and done, the perfect product should help you get on with your day. If tampons are how you role, this could be an obvious choice!