A Minimal Checklist for All Your Last Minute Packing Needs

Maus Taus' 2015 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

We don't play games when it comes to that next ride. Hitting the road with just you and your bike is one of the most freeing feelings in the world, and we want you to start each adventure safe and prepared. That's why we've put together this simple check-list for even the most noble of last-minute plans. These essential accessories are quick and easy last minute pick ups from your local Cycle Gear and Home Depot, or through Amazon. With this minimal guide you'll be packedrelaxed, and enjoying your travels in no time!

Packing the front 

Investing in a phone holder is definitely an essential for every biker, particularly while traveling. The last thing you need loose is your phone. Especially for long distance trips, your cell may very well be as good as gold in the event (knock on wood!) that you need to make an emergency call or request AAA. (Honorable mention: Waze.) Also, iPhone are priced as much. No one wants that problem. Make the trip simpler and safer with a quality mount like the RAM Tough-Claw. Cycle Gear offers these online, though you might be able to get yours sooner if you call and check what's in stock at your nearest location!  

Packing the back

A sissy bar upright, back rest and luggage rack are essentials for fashioning a motorcycle that's ready to ride long distance. Storing your luggage and equipment will be easier with the extra passenger support and surface area the upright offers, while enhancing the overall comfort and confidence of your ride. This CHOP Sissy Bar for Harley Sportster 883's on Ebay ships in under a week and is detachable for added convenience. The 883 model also has a complimenting luggage rack for the end of the bike, which gives the right surface to strap your luggage and hardware to. If you're staring from ground zero, these two items will pair together and form designated storage and riding space. 

You'll need quick detach mounting hardware to properly install both the back rest. A detachable docking hardware kit can be picked up at any Harley Davidson dealership for at-home installment. (But remember to always check fitment before purchasing!) 

Carabiners, cargo netting and bungee cords are crucial to a clean and secure set up. Carabiners are easy to find on Amazon and come in an array of colors, from black to lavender and gold. These should be used for everything that'll hang loose and outside of your luggage. Things like your hat, favorite water bottle or a sweat rag can be clipped right onto your cargo net for accessibility. It's up to you how securely tied you'd like your luggage, but we suggest ruling on the side of caution with a couple cargo nets and extra bungees. Cargo netting from Cycle Gear are under $10, so the extra support probably couldn't hurt! Bungees are a quick and cheap purchase from your nearest Home Depot, or from their online store as well. 

All the essentials: 

☐ Reliable Cellphone Bike Mount from Cycle Gear

☐ Detachable sissy bar backrest (for Harley Sportster XL 883 on Ebay)

☐ Sissy bar backrest luggage rack (for Harley Sportster XL 883 on Ebay)

☐ Docking hardware kit for install by Harley Davidson

☐ 3" aluminum carabiner clips from Amazon

☐ Heavy duty bungee cords from Home Depot

☐ At least one cargo net with clips from Cycle Gear

We like a minimalist, clean pack! With these basic essentials, you'll be ready to ride with no fuss or frills. Remember to install any racks and backrests, and to pack all your luggage onto your bike at least a couple days before your trip in case any last minute adjustments need to be made in the meantime. Happy travels!