How to Make a Protective Riding Charm

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Well, so is safety. And this couldn't be more true than in motorcycle lore. 

Safety can be any object we find comfort in, such as the present of a gremlin bell, warding off all the road gremlins trying to hitch a ride. In European folk tales, a gift from a stranger or a loved one is often what saves vulnerable women, lone children, and lost men from an untimely demise. Sometimes, injuries are even averted by an act of charity. Such is the same throughout many spiritualities and religions, in which blessed materials cannot be bought or sold, such as with holy water or white sage. 

Of course, there are basic safety measures we should all be following while on the road. But there's no denying the inherent risk of motorcycling. Motorcyclists have developed tricks to ward off "bad luck:" what happens despite all the safety measures we take. A charms main purpose is to give you faith that you'll be okay no matter what happens, so you can focus on actually being okay. Being in the thoughts of a loved one sure does the trick. 

So what if you haven't been gifted a gremlin bell? That's alright, because good will itself is the protective charm. 

  1. Think of someone, or even a place, pet, or memory, that makes you feel safe in the world.
  2. Bring to mind something tangible that reminds you of the essence of this comfort. It could be a necklace, a photograph, words, a kind of plant, or even a perfume.
  3. Whatever your object is, you'll want to actually obtain it, wrap it nicely, and give it away to your loved one. If you can't gift it directly, consider offering it in a way that feels best to you, such as through the ocean, by burying or burning it, or mailing it to a closest relative or someone who reminds you of them. 
  4. Trust the good vibes will come back your way when the time is right.