Owning Introversion in the Lucky last week of 2021

Near the end of every December comes the (ever untimely) pressure to have it all under control. Not only are we to wrap up the loose ends of 2021, but January 1st seems to loom from the corner edges of our calendars, already infiltrating the days, wondering if we're a step ahead in our 2022 game. With resolutions, fantasies of fresh starts, and having our best year yet! abound... Can we just take a moment to appreciate we've even gotten this far? 

Though we're moving onward, it is still winter time. Some folks have cabin-fever, while for others, the holiday break has turned into an endless chore list. For more still, is this simply a pause from the regular humdrum of our continued pandemic... and who says it's such a bad thing? We've only been practicing our nesting skills for years now, many of us desperate for a true vacation. And luckily, the vibes come pleasure-bound even sooner than this weekend. Which means... why not play around in the awkward funk of the holiday season? Experimental movies, Wikipedia deep dives, or MC-slumber parties, anyone?

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th, Jupiter moves into Pisces and casts the final days of December and the entirety of 2022 with swooning, fascinator energy. In a spiritual, imaginal, emotional concoction, Jupiter comes home in its most beloved sign of Pisces, engaging the playful in a hodgepodge of the cozy and the cornered. It is likely that the places we already find ourselves snuggling up will evolve into rich locales for joy and emotional curiosity. Pisces in Jupiter is like a cat kneading into an impossibly small cranny, or napping in the clean laundry pile with clothes right out of the dryer. So too, is our attention reigning in, yet deepening. 

Instead of managing, tending, and doing these last days of the year, you might be coaxed into exploring the most inspiring newness within your life. If the next five days were a personal twilight zone, what would you explore? Whose ear would you talk off? About what, and why? Fall deep enough into your own fervor... and you might just stay there. 

With the lazily stretching alignments, it's high time to herald this quality over quantity, intimacy over bonding, and trust over comfort vibes. In the themes of interconnections, bridges, mutual infatuations, dynamic duos, and devotions, the astrological eight ball says, Lady Luck smilesThis could be the year you find a best friend while fueling up at the gas station, or fall into a folkish ritual with your favorite camping spot. The highs and lows of connections will stretch only as far as the pendulum's circle expands from now through the rest of 2022, opening us to deeper experiences in our closest environments. If there were ever a time to relax into the place we already are, it would into this very winter. Rather than judge our irritable anxieties, why not form an unlikely obsession?

In the meantime, may your mid-day naps have the most memorable dreams, your interests spark unlikely friends, and your New Year's Eve, be healthy, and safe.