Going Nowhere with EL3 Productions

We caught up with Errol Colandro aka EL3 Productions to talk about photography, motorcycles, and boredom as the catalyst for creativity. Errol is a photographer, videographer, marketing strategist, designer, a visionary and above all, a dreamer. Moving to Los Angeles after attending film school, like many of us, seeking the fame and fortunes portrayed by the Hollywood elite. For Errol, that lifestyle wasn't in the cards for him and he was 100% okay with it. The Universe had alternate plans and as many of us already know, brought his talents into the motorcycle industry.

The seed was planted early for Errol, as he grew up around motorcycles. About 6 years ago he acquired his license because, "I had to ride," he says. Since that day, he has never looked back. That passion for motorcycles eventually crossed paths with his talents behind a camera.

Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity

Errol started shooting motorcycles out of sheer curiosity, boredom and because he had a love for them. Videos and film slowly started fading out for him and he strictly went to photo. Errol's iconic style is recognized by his use of natural light and his contrasting darker tonal range that you're drawn to. When you see his work it's so distinctive that the viewer is left in no doubt as to whose work they are viewing. This is why he is a highly sought out photographer in the motorcycle industry shooting for clientele such as: Roland Sands Designs, Indian Motorcycles, Inked Iron, Marin Speed Shop, and Maus Taus! 

Errol's passion for motorcycles further inspired him to host the motorcycle event The Nowhere Show. In it's second year, the event is about the moto culture: It's music, amazing motorcycle clothing brands, custom bikes, and friendship - all together bringing a sense of community. "Friendships are made, passions are ignited, curiosity is peaked." This is the spirit of the event and the moto community. That's why he created The Nowhere Show. "We want to go to Nowhere, to be found." For tickets for the May 18th event, click here.

 We want to go Nowhere, to be found

In the motorcycle community "I have met the kindest, most genuine, most humble people," Errol says. "Each one of these people that I come across inspire me." And I think most of us in the community would agree the same about him. We are lucky to have his vision, his passion, and his creativity in the motorcycle industry. 

Photo: Sam Bendall