Interested in Motorcycling? Now is the Best Time to Learn

If you've always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, you probably don't need much convincing. But if you've been holding off, you might be overlooking a few things. While quarantine has certainly been crazy-making, it's given ample road space for beginner riders. Now that we're entering summer, the setting couldn't be more perfect. If you're still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should seize the moment now. 

People will be heading into the office and back to school soon. That means, we're commuting again. You may have noticed that convenient quarantine traffic is already starting to fade, but we still have the entire summer season before we'll be traveling regularly. That makes now a great time to explore your interest. Taking a beginner's riding course through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a simple way to start learning. By the time businesses transition to full capacity, you could have enough experience under your belt to change how you commute! At the least, you'll have taken advantage of clear roads and spent summer with the wind in your hair. 

Schedules are changing. Chances are you've already assessed your typical routine, wondering how you'll be getting to work, school, and appointments. If you'll be working from home, motorcycling might be an especially appealing option. While bikes are certainly an investment, in the long run, they're more cost effective than owning a car. Motorcycles get better mileage too, so if you'll be commuting less, the savings might be worth a change of pace. Even adding a motorcycle to your transportation options could free up scheduling conflicts as families and partners start to leave the house more. Now's a great time to consider what lifestyle you want moving forward. 

Summer is hands down the best time to learn how to ride. On top of lifestyle changes, we're also gearing up for riding season. It's sunny and it's dry, and we're all itching to get outside. Learning how to ride could occupy just the weekends or your entire summer. It would help you get outside, work your muscles, and look forward to something exciting. If you're feeling cautious as businesses transition to full capacity and folks start to gather, it might be one of the more interesting and social-distanced activities available. 

There's certainly no rush in learning how to ride, but if you're looking for sign to try something new, this is it!