Cozy Winter-Time Reads Becoming Movies in the New-Year

Finally, a break is almost here and we can soon spend our afternoons snuggled up with a book before it starts collecting dust on he nightstand. And what better way to lavish in the holiday season than to set ourselves up for something exciting in the new year? Tons of best selling novels are being made into film adaptations in 2022. From horror to historical fiction and fantasy genres, there's something binge-worthy off the best seller's list for every reader. Whatever your cup of tea, consider the hunt checked off the list (whether your own or someone else's)!

Horror: Salem's Lot is the next of Stephen King's horror novels to get a movie of its own. Naturally it's a heavy hitter, but 439 pages isn't too bad considering. Based in Maine, this book focuses on the life of a writer, and is special for being King's second ever published book. Also because it's gonna end up being a vampire flick. That's right, Salem's Lot is about vampires. Nough' said. 

Realistic Fiction: It come's as no surprise that Jane Austen’s Persuasion will be premiering next year, as it seems we've been hit with a dizzying number of her stories in the past couple film seasons. But who's complaining? Persuasion is actually heralded as Austen's best work, because it is terribly romantic, and terribly somber, and terribly perfect for an in-your-feels winter read. 

Fantasy: All Lord of the Rings fans out there be warned: Yes, there is in fact a LOTR prequel series planned for release in 2022. Amazon will be putting out its first season sometime in the coming year, so there really couldn't be a better time than now to start re-reading the books. (Y'know, if only so you can notice all the discrepancies between the novels and the the TV-adaptation. Someone's gotta do it.) 

Historical Fiction: For fans of historical fiction, Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale tells a unique tale of two sisters navigating life in the midst of World War 2. Importantly, The Nightingale leads with a young woman's perspective of the horrors of German occupation in France. With the Fanning sisters being co-stars in the film adaption, the book comes with high praises and will likely be an epic of the year.  

Autobiographical: Joyce Carol Oates’s fictional telling of Marilyn Monroe's life in the book Blonde will be played by Ana de Armas from Knives Out. Regardless that it's being made into a movie, this book is bestselling and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize... it's genuinely very good. Netflix has an assortment of star studded films to premier in the next twelve months, but this one in particular is sure to be a big topic of conversation. 

Rom-Fantasy: Of course, A Discovery of Witches is returning for its final season in 2022, and the entire trilogy by Deborah Harkness is truly binge-worthy if you're into the YA vampire-romance sub-genre that is now its own industry. Even if you never watched the show, or you've already seen the whole thing, this is a book you can get attached to (or a fellow reader for the gifting!). 

Contemporary Fiction: The Stars at Noon is an absolute retching of the complexities and ironies between pessimistic, ethically questionable lovers in their own personal versions of hell. For author Denis Johnson, Nicaragua in 1984. While the main character is never named, to know her story if no one else's before its movie premier, is sure to be a special experience.