Makeup That Can Stand The Heat


When the weather's warmer, the sky sunnier, and the days are longer, riding season has begun. With it, comes an always surprising level of sweat and shine. The pressure of helmet foam doesn't have to dampen your glow, though.

Helmet-friendly makeup should be light, protective, and wear resistant. Whether you apply only a sunscreen or spend 20 minutes on a perfectly blended contour, if you don't have the right product, it won't last your ride. Follow this how-to guide of long lasting, helmet makeup essentials, and roll into spring and summer prepared!


In Serena William's Vogue interview, she swore by the Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara for her Grand Slam tournaments. It goes without saying, but William's mascara must withstand some serious sweat. If you're looking for pigment that won't run down your eyes from moisture, Eyeko is the ideal choice for the everyday commute and the endurance ride. 

Now, we can't promise that your makeup won't budge in the slightest between the time you put on your helmet and put it back on the shelf, but if you're looking for the next best thing, invest in the 17HR Wear Liquid Eyeliner by Milani. This is a matte eyeliner, so do keep that in mind. But, unlike most eyeliners on the market, it's known for not flaking, peeling, or smudging throughout the day (and night). It's actually quite affordable, but there is a catch. Based on reviews, we'd recommend that you couple this with a quality eyeliner brush. While the ink is everything you could ask for, it turns out the applicator isn't so amazing. 


Your face product will inevitably be touched by helmet foam and free radicals. So, we looked at what sport professionals use in their athletic and personal life to get a better idea of what's worth putting on. Professional Boxer Sarah Thomas, and Surfer, Kimberly Yap, both wear an It Cosmetics CC Cream that handles photo ops as well as the harsh sweat and water of their sport. This cream can be used as a foundation for light to full coverage, but has 50+ SPF and is more forgiving. CC Cream can be easily touched up with fingers in areas that do smudge. When applying, use less around the forehead and hairline to decrease unnecessary spread. 

Serena Williams is yet another fan of It Cosmetics, of the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in particular. The area under your eye is unlikely to be smudged by your gear, but can become blotchy or grey from surrounding sweat and makeup. As it turns out, Bye Bye is known for being virtually sweat-proof. 

Follow up creams and concealers with any light face powder. Most every brand has something to offer here, but if you're in the market for something gym worthy,  both Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier offer long lasting powders that don't clog or cake. 


When done right, eyebrows can change the entire look of our face. The challenge however, is that for most helmets, foam will smudge any product placed here. The simplest course of action for a frequent motorcyclist would be to dye your eyebrows at home or with a professional. If that's not your thing, we still got you! 

Even without color, a clear eyebrow mascara can sharpen the look of your brow and can be applied before riding or directly after. If you like a natural or "Soap" brow look, it would be wise to carry a tinted eyebrow mascara (like Sculpt Tinted Brow Gel) with you to apply once you've removed your gear, and then topped with any clear mascara to hold in place through the ride home. If you'd like a bit more style (or want another eyeliner option!), draw your brow shape using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil before leaving, then fill in with the Sculpt Tinted eyebrow gel once you've removed your helmet. 


Lip product, if even just a chapstick, is an important finishing touch. Though we're now masked, it's usually our lips and eyes that get the most attention as we socialize. For a lip product that isn't compromised by the motorcycle commute, whether thats to work or to date night, we have some options. 

MAC, Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D all offer smudge proof, yet soft and smooth lip colors that last all day long, even through the motion of your mask. Powder Kiss is known for its whipped consistency. This lip color provides a long lasting shade with a velvet like finish. Stunna Lip Paint is sure to stay put through your ride, mask changes and even meals, with more unique shades. The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by KVD Beauty offers the most range in color, without negotiating finish.  

Nothing about motorcycling should compromise your ability to self express. While your helmet may not be the ideal frame for your Michelangelo worthy jaw contour, it doesn't mean facets of the glam can't shine through.