The Best Roadhouses in Southern California

There's nothing quite like stepping out of California's bright, orange sunshine and into a proper biker haunt. Tucked away in the twisty canyon roads of southern California's mountains are some of the best roadhouses the US has to offer. Many diners and hideouts in this area have become the go-top pit stops for motorcyclists, car enthusiasts, locals, travelers, and clubs from across the state. When we think of the best food and company, these are the few that come to mind. 

Hells Kitchen 

32685 Ortega Hwy | Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Just a couple weeks ago, Hells Kitchen suffered a fire which included the loss of their building and owner Frank Opp's beloved dog Kodi, who is missed by all the staff and guests who knew him. A local biker and Hells Kitchen patron created a GoFundMe to help Frank rebuild the establishment. Though you can't dine-in just yet, Hells Kitchen is operating outdoors right now from Saturday and Sunday! Show a little love this weekend so you can hitch your bike and take a seat in the near future! R.I.P. Kodi 

Cooks Corner

19152 Santiago Canyon Rd | Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

If you're looking to sit down for a basic meal and get some escape from the heat, remember 19152 Santiago Canyon Road. Cooks Corner is a casual diner known for its neighborly motorcycling atmosphere and festivities. Seating is available indoors and outside, including in the outdoor lounge spot where live concerts are staged every weekend. Naturally, Cooks' is home to pinball and pool tables as well. Whenever your visit, you'll be sure to find a line of bikes parked outside the tavern-esc building. With easy access from California Highway 2 and 28, there couldn't be a better choice in Trabuco Canyon.  

The Rock Store

30354 Mulholland Hwy | Cornell, CA 91301

A frequent of locals and celebrities alike, The Rock Store is a trusted biker and Angeleno hangout. Despite it's fame, Rock Store is a no fuss, relaxed diner. You don't have to show up on a Harley (or any bike) to feel right at home. This iconic roadhouse has maintained cult status since the 60's, and has only gotten better (and more popular) with age. Be careful when riding through the sharp turns and winding roads leading up to, especially on the weekends, when lanes are likely to be packed with MC aficionados. 

Josies Hideout 

27413 Highway 76 | Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

Josie's hideout is a landmark for any motorcyclist or MC riding their way through Santa Ysabel. A saloon proper standing right off Highway 76, this space is dedicated to the travelers who drift their way off the road on weekend nights. Open Friday through Sunday, Josie's keeps live music playing and cold beer running. Eats include the typical barbecue menu: hot dog, wings, burgers, sandwiches, sliders, and fries. This is the ideal spot for a friend's ride out or to practice your social skills after a year+ spent indoors. 

Newcombs Ranch 

Angeles Crest Hwy | La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Unfortunately, this is yet another lovable but unavailable roadhouse. However, if you're looking to "Under The Flintridge Sun" your life, you might still consider stopping by and giving the premises a look! Newcombs Ranch is temporarily closed and for sale. This spot is known for the swathes of motorcyclists and car enthusiasts that gathered for its motorsports environment and massive dining and beer lounge (including Keanu Reeves, among others). Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this was truly a destination spot perhaps most loved for its location and atmosphere. 

The Hideaway Country Bar & Grill

12122 Kagel Canyon Rd | Sylmar, CA 91342

Private and cozy, The Hideaway Country Bar is the speakeasy of motorcycle club hideouts. There's live music, darts, pool, dim lighting, and a western saloon feel. It's likely you'll only ever hear of this place in this very blog. The Hideaway is really Kagel's best kept secret. Enough so, that you'll want to be conscious of the neighbors (and horses!) when you stop by. But on weekend nights, you'll be glad to know they're open till 1:00 am. Stop by and check out the local scene in this authentic dive bar. You're sure to feel welcome upon arrival and taken care of when you leave.

Old Place

29983 Mulholland Hwy | Cornell, CA 91301

You could say we saved the best for last. The Old Place is old school! We're talking open fire cooked, family served meals in a dark wood steak house. The magic of Old Place is that it's home-like, down to earth atmosphere lures people from all walks of life. Locals, movie stars, artists, and bikers are all one and the same here. Whether you want great food, great company, some great photos, or a really good story, Old Place deserves a place on every biker's bucket list. As a heads up, they don't keep a freezer, so meal selection is always first come first serve.