Behind the Helmet: An Interview with Asheli Mattox

I am constantly inspired by the women around me and I really want the world to know who these women are. Traveling along different life paths we have somehow come together because of one common denominator: Motorcycles.
Ride, baby Ride!
I met Asheli about a year ago through riding in our local women's riding group, the Long Beach Litas. She's a true Southern girl with Southern charm. When she's not riding her Yamaha, Asheli is a fashion designer in Los Angeles by day, and she's been known to kick up her cowboy boots and dance at night.
Maus Taus: Where are you from?
Asheli: Tallahassee, Florida
Maus Taus: What bike do you ride?
Asheli: 2006 Yamaha Vstar 650.  I bought this bike as a starter "practice" bike. I love it and think its the perfect beginners bike for someone who wants to ride a cruiser. I also have a 93 HD Heritage Softail, currently getting a new front end.  It's my dads old bike that hes been customizing for me. I have of course ridden passenger on it back in the day but Im itching to finally get it to california so I can rock it solo.
Maus Taus: How long have you been riding?
Asheli: I just hit my 1 year mark in april for being on my own. I've been a passenger for the past 4 years with my ex and then off and on as a passenger on my dads bike when I was younger.
Maus Taus: How did you get into riding in the first place?
Asheli: My dad had a Harley and I just thought he was the coolest thing in the world. As I got older I tended to date guys with bikes, and last year I took the moto safety course so I could get my own.
Maus TausWhat’s been your favorite experience on a motorcycle so far since you’ve been riding? What about your worst experience
Asheli: My favorite experience... that's a hard one to choose from. It would have to be a tie between Babes Right Out in Joshua Tree with my girlfriends and then riding Ortega Hwy for the first time on my own with a cute guy riding beside me that I liked. The BRO event was amazing. It was my 2nd motocamping trip so I felt super more at ease and was able to enjoy the trip without being so nervous. Being able to ride with hundreds of girls and experiencing the desert and Joshua Tree itself on the bike was absolutely amazing.  Riding Ortega was such an exhilarating experience. Ive done it plenty of times as a passenger but to do it on my own for the first time,.. I just remember feeling like I was on top of the world as I was coming down and seeing Lake Elsinore in front of me. I remember thinking, I finally got this! Not to mention the cute guy riding next to me who totally built up my confidence! My worst experience... hmmm getting caught in the rain at night on the freeway alone, running out of gas and not realizing what was happening.... being scared shitless on the side of a mountain in santa barbara that was beyond my skill level.  HAHA
Maus Taus: What is it about motorcycles that you love?
Asheli: The freedom and confidence it brings me, along with instant friendships and camaraderie. I haven't experienced anything else in life that makes me feel the way I do being on a motorcycle.
Maus Taus: Apart from motorcycle riding, what other interests/passions do you have?
Asheli: I love live music and dancing. I also enjoy camping, going bowling and traveling to new places.
Maus Taus: What advice would you give to the new rider or someone thinking about riding?
Asheli: Ride your own ride. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Its okay to be nervous and scared.  Definitely take the motorcycle safety course!!!!!!
Favorite Quote: Ride baby ride!