Babes Ride Out: The Return to Borrego!

Palm Canyon Resort

Borrego Springs is where it all started. In the year 2013 CE, 50 kick-ass women rode out to an undisclosed location somewhere off the beaten track of the Anza-Borrego State Park for a night of camping and camaraderie. This is where Babes Ride Out was born. Lucky for us, 2021 got an upgraded comeback and was held at the Palm Canyon Resort where riders could camp, get a hotel room or sleep in vintage Airstream Trailers for a three day weekend. After years of BRO taking the world by storm, we celebrated with a weekend back at home base. 

Several hundred motorcycling women checked into their campsites and rooms for Babes Ride Out's Return to Borrego last Friday. Weekend events were split between Harley-Davidson demos, festival booths, happy hours, dance parties and karaoke nights. 

After chowing down a continental breakfast Saturday morning, the valleys and flats of the Springs were open for an early afternoon ride. Surrounded by Borrego, the largest state park in California, attendees rode some of the best roads of all Southern Cali.

We were partial to Salton Sea and all the surrounding local haunts. Riding through Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain and East Jesus in Slab City…definitely gave us the Hills Have Eyes vibes. (But it sure did make for some good pictures!)

Photos of Salvation Mountain

Of course the best part of any BRO event is the chance to come together, if even for just a weekend. Thank you to all the friends and family who showed out for another year at Borrego! We hope to see you there next time.