How to make a Vision Box for 2022

It can be disheartening to always look for the next best thing. For this reason, New Year resolutions have taken on a somewhat negative connotation through these most uncertain times... we need a different word for our intentions, one that's more descriptive of the feel-good attitude we could all use right now. Words like vibrancy, spark, and warmth. If you'd like 2022 to feel less like a constant race for perfection, and more like a home-coming, why not give the year it's very own place at the table? 

Like a vision board, a vision box uses meaningful items and words to inspire a new year. However, rather than act as a new standard of comparison, it's more like a treasure chest of what we really care about. To build your box, you'll need some accessible materials, basic crafting supplies like glue, tape, and scissors, and a comfy place to work undisrupted. You can craft your box alone, or with family, and friends (and wine)! 

The Supplies:

Box & charms 

To start crafting, you'll first gather the basic supplies. Most importantly, you'll need a container. It will store any objects or journaling pages you'd like to keep as reminders of your inspirations throughout the year. This doesn't need to be fancy. Even an envelope would work so long as it feels right and has enough space. 

Afterward, collect any spiritual or devotional items that add significance and aesthetic to the task. Dripping waxes, ribbon and stamps might close your writings, while a piece of cloth can be used to line the inside of a box. Stickers, art crafts, and perfumes are all great options. Dusts, mineral flakes, plants, and holy waters can further adorn. 

Sentimental objects

The purpose of these objects will be to feel, first and foremost, connected to your future. If you could put a face to the year you'd like to have, what would it look like? What key ingredients would mark your meals, and what places will you visit? Photographs, found objects and images, miniatures like snow globes, postcards, favorite letters or candies, childhood toys, and prior awards can all be inspiring objects to lean on for strength and momentum. 

Journaling supplies

Simple printer paper and pencils work great! You'll just need something to write down even a few simple words with. However, we are not glitter-adverse. 

How to vision box:

1. With all your crafting supplies and objects ready, start to decorate and prepare your box to be filled. Take any spiritual artifacts, charms, perfumes, or plants, and line the box before moving on. 

2. Collect and place all your sentimental objects thoughtfully. If you received positive feedback in an area you're insecure about this last year, you could print those comments off and glue them front and center, for example. Or, lay photos of loved ones and heirlooms gently. 

3. When the box feels ready, it's time to journal! There's no need to write for pages and pages, or perform the perfect words. It doesn't need to be coherent, or even written down. The most important part about envisioning a change is that you don't bullshit yourself. What truly moves you? What eats away at your spirit, or lights you up so brightly you think you might burst? In whichever way feels comfortable, name the reasons why you're creating a new year vision in the first place. 

4. When you're ready, put any writings inside the box, and place it in a safe spot. You can leave it open like an altar, or store it somewhere private, so long as you have easy access to it.

Throughout the year, when you have the gut feeling like you're on the right track, open the vision box and add something special to it, if even your attention. And, perhaps on a hard day, you can open the box and be comforted by all of the things which make the new day worth it ♡