An Autumn bath ritual to start the week anew

Mercury retrograde is finally turning direct today, leaving us in the shadow period of Libra's dramatic and unpredictable flare. On top of the astrological mayhem that has been October 2021, camp-outs and motorcycle retreats have been consuming weekends and Friday nights for the past couple of months. With the social season slowing down, it's high time we recoup with some good ole R&R. What better way to self-care than with self-reflection (ideally before burn-out catches us by the heel)... Lucky enough, the Hunter's Full Moon invites in that reflective energy on Wednesday the 20th. The timing couldn't be better. Whether your body has been taking on extra stress from the biking scene, or your mind and heart could just use a break, this bath ritual is here to help you bring on a more la-de-dah, la-de-dum, sort of autumn.

🌾 A cleansing Autumn bath

What you'll need: A green, white or pink candle, one toothpick, a book of importance, epsom salts & bath goodies to your liking, thin slices of lemon, fresh mint, a clean tub, clean bed, and cozy bedtime fit. 

Bonus points: Your gremlin bells or other riding and protective charms! And if you worship any deities, your offerings and gratitude. 

♥ Before beginning, take the few extra minutes to clean your most intimate spaces: the bath, the bed, and altar (perhaps your mirror, favorite chair or window, or an actual altar space). After winding down, you'll want to return to these places on a fresh note. Prepare any tea or ambience, wash your face, and lay out the pajamas. Gather all of your items.

♥ Fill the bathtub with salts, lemon slices and mint as the water runs. If you have any protective charms, riding or otherwise, take a cloth and lightly wet it with salt and lemon juice, and gently clean its surface. Once finished, you can hang these charms in a window to soak up the moonlight as you sleep, or return them to their original place after your bath.

♥ With your candle, toothpick, and book accessible, relax into the bath. Allow yourself to zone out (safely!) letting your mind wander and disengage from the day. When you find a pleasant, calm feeling, imagine a simple symbol that embodies what you want the month ahead to feel like for you. Try not to judge whatever comes to mind. When you've got it, take the toothpick, and softly trace the image into the candle, then light it (always practicing fire safety).

♥ Take your book and ask a question pertaining to the future or recent events. Open to a random page, and settle on the words found there. Make sure to let the candle burn all the way through if time allows, and enjoy the rest of your bath!

♥ If you maintain an altar space, hang the lemon and mint to dry and offer it at your table at a later date. Otherwise discard leftover materials in the compost or garbage, or outdoors, respectfully. 


(Psst, cleansing baths are the perfect time for simple & fun divination. If you're looking for some clarity or just want a forecast on the week ahead, take the time to pull a card from a tarot or oracle deck, shuffle a song on your Spotify, or scroll for a random picture in your photo album. Divination is for building a relationship with self. Have fun with it!)