50 Motorcycling Related Activities to Occupy Your Summer

With summer here, and temperatures heating up quick, it's time to slather on the sunblock and unhitch that kickstand! If you're ready to hit the streets (or anywhere else really) there's more than one way to enjoy your motorcycle this summer. In fact, there are fifty activities to try this summer that all involve your beloved bike in some way or another. 

If you're looking for family oriented ideas, date plans, or get togethers, we got you! In a summer that is guaranteed to be full of celebrations and adventure, we know you'll also want time at home or with your loved ones. Don't fret, even if you're hot, tired, or busy, we have some things in mind: 

    1. Make a motorcycle focused time capsule that you can dig up next summer, or even five years down the line. Throw in trinkets between your motorcycling buddies, good luck charms, notes to self, and even a surprise gift for your future self. 
    2. Pack light snacks, drinks, a book, and blankets for a picnic, and then bike out to a field or park. You can relax alone, meet a friend, or pick up your date for a romantic afternoon.
    3. Give your bike a serious wash.  Trust me. You'll thank yourself later. 
    4. Bird watching can be underrated. Ride out to a hiking trail or expanse with plenty of trees, and bring a pair of binoculars. You might be surprised by the  little miracles in nature that have been there all along. 
    5. Ride to a drive in movie and sit in the grass with a blanket and a bag of pre-popped popcorn. 
    6. Shop around for a new motorcycle. Plenty of models have premiered since covid lock down, and you might just be surprised what hand-me-down bikes are available in local shops after a year where there was nothing better to do than clean out our garages. 
    7. Take your dog on a day ride. If you have the right harnessing, and they're an adventurous pooch, you might just find yourself a new travel buddy!
    8. Bring a funny statue with you when you ride this summer, and take a picture of it in each place you visit. By the fall, you can have the photos printed in film and build a scrapbook with them. 
    9. Host an outdoor movie night. If you don't have a local drive in theater, you can play Netflix off of a projector on the side of your home, and invite all your motorcycling friends over for a movie night potluck. Everyone camps out by their bikes, and brings some form of drink, snack, or treat!
    10. Host a family and friends bike show, if you're looking for something similar to do in the day. Ask your friends to shape up their bikes for a showing party. Park the bikes in your front yard if you can, and watch as people stop by to check out the scene. Bonus points if there's a lemonade stand.  
    11. Star gazing on a cool summer night, might be one of the best feelings in the world. Particularly in the summer, when the sky is spattered with asteroids. Pack blankets and hot chocolate, and set off into the sunset... 
    12. Ride to a swimming area and hop in to cool off!
    13. Take a trip to a nearby college, tourist attraction, or fun centerfor a family focused adventure!
    14. Stop for flowers on your way to work, or home. You can make your trip extra special by hitting up your local farmers market, or dropping the bouquet off at a loved ones house just cause' during your regular commute. 
    15. Watch the sunrise. Pack your overnight bag and ride out to an open expanse above the tree-lines. 
    16. Draw a motorcycle comic, and submit it to your favorite magazine.
    17. Go for a night ride to clear your mind. 
    18. Visit an old bookstore and find the sports and vehicle section, and purchase the first interesting book on motorcycles that catches your eye!
    19. Ride your motorcycle onto a ferry for a spontaneous day (or overnight!) trip to a local island. 
    20. Learn to change a tire all by yourself.
    21. Ride at a bike park or resort. And take the chairlift to the top!
    22. Buy something you might normally buy online from your local bike shop. We love supporting small businesses. 
    23. Research local MC's and try joining your first meeting!
    24. Take a kid biking. Maybe there's someone in your life who is interested in motorcycling but has never tried, or doesn't have the resources. It'll feel good to introduce the biking world to someone new. 
    25. Go to a motorcycle festival or campout, like one of the events listed on this blog!
    26. Volunteer at your local MC. You likely don't have to join to give a helping hand, and you might like it enough to make the volunteer work a consistent part of your life. 
    27. Surprise your favorite mechanic with a 12-pack.   
    28. Organize a group ride with as many friends as you can, tearing through your local neighborhood or hiking trails. 
    29. Attend a learners workshop and refresh your memory on basic skills and safety lessons. You're guaranteed to learn something, no matter how long you've been riding! 
    30. Try jet skiing. It's like motorcycling, but on water. 
    31. Hang a framed photo of your favorite motorcycling celebrity
    32. Better yet, make a shrine to motorcycle Cher in that one photoshoot
    33. Give up your car for a week and try riding everywhere, for seven days straight. Hint: choose your dates wisely.
    34. Deliver ice cream to a friend on a hot day. It'll be sweet (hah) to see the surprise on their face. Plus, you'll get to eat ice cream. 
    35. Submit photos to a motorcycle magazine. Look through your photo album and see if any of your pictures could make the cut. Download an app like VSCO, and give it your best shot! What's the worst that could happen? 
    36. Join an online motorcycle forum to stay connected with fellow bikers even when you can't meet them on the road. 
    37. Service your bike. It's a great time to do it now that we'll be riding more often with the sun out and the roads, dry. 
    38. Ride in another state. Ideally, take a trip in a state you've never ridden in before! You'll want a good plan before you hit the road, though. 
    39. Invite a friend who has never tried motorcycling for a ride. You can take them to your favorite spots, and treat them to some drinks, or a meal. Even better if you make this a fun date or a bonding moment between family. 
    40. Clean all of your gear before it's too late and the sun heats up all of that gunk and you're wishing you lost your sense of smell. 
    41. Get a custom paint finish by a pro, like Maus Taus's very own Candeeo!
    42. You might even get your helmet customized. 
    43. Visit a Moto museum or read up on motorcycling history to learn about the people behind today's global bike community. 
    44. Start a new savings account for a motorcycle splurge. 
    45. Improve your riding skills with a private instructor if you're a new rider looking to learn more about riding safety.
    46. Sit back and watch motorcycling movies. Sometimes we just need to chill, and there's no end to Hollywood's love of a good old fashioned Harley. Just search "movies with motorcycles" in google, and you'll find an archive of moto classics.
    47. Learn more about your motorcycle. Reading the manual may sound like a bore, but who knows when that'll come in handy. 
    48. Buy some turn signals for your bike.
    49. Watch short films on moto, and keep up to date with artists in the community. You'd be surprised by how many creators there are making mini master pieces all across the internet. 
    50. Last but not least, reorganize your garage. I know it sucks, but if you pump up the jams and order some pizza, you might be able to get it done as soon as next summer!